Churchill – The night before his resignation

Winston Churchill held a grand dinner at downing Street on the eve of his resignation in April 1955, guests included the Queen and members of the cabinet.

(click the picture to view video)

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

I particularly like this clip as it shows Churchill dressed in an unusual style, in breeches and a type of garter. I wonder what the style was called and if it was worn for particular events etc, anyone have any answers?



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2 responses to “Churchill – The night before his resignation

  1. It is called ‘alternative court dress.’ Basically, George V sanctioned a simplified form of court dress during his reign that was basically white tie but in lieu of trousers, breeches was worn with silk full hose and court shoes with bows as an economical measure (because of the war). People did wear white tie regularly at the time (think Downton Abbey) so all they need was to buy a pair of breeches instead of buying a full set of court dress which would have set them back at around £15,000 or so in today’s money. The garter he wears is the one from the Order of the Garter because he is a Garter Knight and that is how it is correctly worn (nowadays they wear it over the trouser leg which is just silly as it was never meant to be worn like that).

    It is rarely worn these days but it is still correct to wear this when the Queen is present.

  2. Joanne Seale

    Thank you for such an informative answer.

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