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T.E. Lawrence – 1935

Possibly one of the most mysterious clips and figures I’ve come across in 10 yrs of footage research, this is T.E. Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia, dining at a picnic in the USA (1935).

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T.E. Lawrence  Lawrence of Arabia

T.E. Lawrence ‘Lawrence of Arabia’

Well documented for his achievements during the Arab revolt in 1916, his possible conflict of interest in promoting Arab independence and alleged masochism, Lawrence was also a keen archaeologist, writer and motorcyclist.

He died of a motorcycling accident after swerving to avoid hitting a young boy on a bicycle.


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Margaret Thatcher

I’ve often wondered if Margaret Thatcher was part human and part reptile, so when I came across this footage of her crying, the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘Crocodile Tears’

But were they for the millions she forced into poverty, homelesness and unemployment?


She was recalling the events that lead to her resignation as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in 1990

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VE day in london in colour

Whilst randomly browsing through some old Images of War archive footage transfers I came across this stunning colour footage of VE day in London 1945

I’m not sure what colour technique was used on this material, whether it was in camera or the film coloured artificially after being developed, but it’s still exciting and impressive imagery.

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Alan Sugar – 1986

Alan Sugar looking pretty fly with his 70’s style Afro.

This footage was shot during the 1986 Amstrad takeover of Sinclair, Alan Sugar and Clive Sinclair were rival technology entrepeneurs, Sinclair having introduced the idea of home computing and Sugar successfully marketing affordable home computers.

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Henri Matisse – 1949

I was very surprised and happy to find this rare footage of Henri Matisse tucked away in the Fox Movietone archive. 

Matisse is shown working on clay models in bed wearing sunglasses. The film was shot during a time when ilness meant that Matisse was increasingly confined to his bed and due to the strength of the colours used in his work he was advised to wear sunglasses whilst creating.

The model was part of a commission for the building of the Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence on the French Riviera, where Matisse designed the murals, stained glass, interiors and architecture between 1949 and 1951

Some of the most thrilling shots are of Matisse drawing figures and pacing out measurements within the chapel itself

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