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Miss Honeywell the robot girl

Miss Honeywell was an alleged robot that toured at trade exhibitions around the world to hawk products for various companies.

A press release from Honeywell Controls  suggested  that an actor called Jeremy Sebastian was the person inside the robot..


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Performing Fleas

I’ve always been fascinated by this performing fleas footage, wondering how long it took to harness up all the fleas how they knew to all go in the correct direction. These fleas were owned by Monsieur Robert’s flea circus which included flea jitterbug performances…

The fleas are sorted into running and jumping fleas (I had no idea there was a difference before this) and then permanently attached to a harness for the rest of their lives.

Visitors could then watch them via a Fresnel lens

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Idi Amin

It’s a rare day that you find footage clips of a notorious African dictator relaxing by the pool half-naked, even more interesting when he proceeds to belly flop his way into said pool.

Amin was relaxing during a visit by the British special envoy Geoffrey Rippon whose aim was to try to avert the imminent expulsion of  50 thousand British Asians from Uganda.

Due to the ‘Indophobic social climate of Uganda. The Ugandan government claimed that the Indians were hoarding wealth and goods to the detriment of indigenous Africans, “sabotaging” the Ugandan economy’ (Wikipedia)

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